Tina Kortmann

Associate Director and Senior Architect

Tina Kortmann is Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio located in Amsterdam. Amongst other large scale projects she runs with her team, Tina is responsible for the design coordination of the project FOUR Frankfurt since 2017. With its four towers and its multi-functional podium, FOUR is one of the most important and biggest projects of the office. The project involves urban design and architectural design down to the scale of the office interior spaces.

The creation of inclusive places and spaces for creative interaction of its users throughout all scales is what Tina considers as one of her most important goals in all projects.

UNStudio’s airport in Kutaisi in Georgia and Reset, a stress reduction installation, are next to FOUR Frankfurt, key projects she has worked on. Tina also has headed over a long period the Innovative-Organizations-Platform, an internal platform that focuses on the development of typologies and spaces.

Tina was born 1978 in Düsseldorf and studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen and at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Before joining UNStudio Amsterdam in 2010 she worked in several internationally recognized offices in Copenhagen, Paris, Aachen and Tokyo.