Holistic. Consistent. Rethought: Strategies for the City of Tomorrow.

Annual Congress and Networking Platform for Executives from Cities, Business, Politics, and Universities

November 2nd/3rd, 2023
Tower 185 | Frankfurt am Main

The Smart City Conference is aimed at executives from the following sectors and institutions:

  • Federal, state and local government policies
  • Municipal administration including departments and town planning
  • Companies, such as retail and industry, real estate, logistics and waste management/supply
  • Urban development and planning, architecture and design
  • Real estate developers and service providers
  • Investors and financial service providers
  • Consulting firms
  • Universities and research institutes

Why you should be part of the Smart City Conference:

  • Learn from TOP speakers from North America and Europe.
  • Use the knowledge gained to check your Smart City strategy for consistency.
  • Use the learnings from others to avoid pitfalls.
  • Get comprehensive knowledge in a compact 2 half-day session.
  • Learn about funding programs for Smart City projects.
  • Expand your network.
  • Exchange ideas with experts.

More details on the concept of the Smart City Conference:

Smart City Conference

Topics 2023

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Basics and discussion of current developments in the field of Smart City, the most important influencing factors and pitfalls in the implementation.
  • BEST PRACTICE: Pioneering national and international smart city projects. New approaches and experiences in city districts and downtown locations.
  • URBAN PLANNING: Innovative international solutions in architecture and urban planning.
  • MOBILITY, TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS: Intelligent optimization of traffic flows as components on the way to the smart city. New supply concepts for urban areas. Who will make the race on the last mile?
  • RETAIL IN THE CITY: Strategies for more attractive city centers and shopping streets. Concepts of traders and the performance of municipalities.
  • CONSUMERS: Usage habits of consumers and their expectations of the city of tomorrow: What do municipalities, planners and companies have to adjust to?

This was the first Smart City Conference

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