Key Themes of EFSS 2024

Every year, the European Foodservice Summit programme delves into topics vital for hospitality leaders, offering insights and inspiration to navigate today’s dynamic landscape. Here’s an overview of this year’s conference topics, addressing key trends, operational challenges, and emerging issues that shape the industry landscape.

Growth Strategies

Navigating Long-term Success and Rapid Expansion

Achieving sustained growth or rapid expansion demands proficiency in operational efficiency, strategic foresight, and effective leadership. Gain insights from companies that have successfully navigated both trajectories, sharing invaluable experiences and lessons learned.

Crisis Leadership

Strategies for Turbulent Times

Learn from CEOs managing major challenges, from financial crises to workforce issues. Discover firsthand strategies for resilience and success in navigating turbulent times.

Saudi Mega Projects

Crafting F&B Strategies for Ambitious Developments

Explore F&B strategy development for NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s prestigious project. Learn from insiders about crafting strategies for unique destinations like Sindalah Island, The Line, Trojena Mountain, and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Investor Insights

Navigating Market Evaluation and Strategic Investments

Gain insights from leading investment firms as they discuss market evaluation, balancing customer needs with shareholder value, and the role of industry experience in investment strategies.

Dynamic Pricing

Leveraging Fluctuating Menu Strategies

Explore the uncharted territory of dynamic pricing in restaurants. Uncover strategies for leveraging fluctuating menu prices tied to locations, daytimes, or foot traffic for profitability.

Share of Stomach

Supermarkets’ Impact on the Foodservice Landscape

Discover the influence of supermarkets and convenience stores on the European foodservice scene. Gain insights into operators’ perspectives on consumer behavior, and the role of F&B in their strategic vision.

The Power of Data

Leveraging Technology for Operational Excellence

Explore cutting-edge technology applications across restaurant operations. Learn how dynamic data utilization enhances profitability, business success, and customer experiences.