Barilla for Professionals

Helping Professionals to do what they do best

Barilla for Professionals stands as a beacon in the culinary landscape, bridging food industry professionals with the unparalleled quality of Barilla products and expertise. With pride, we serve as trusted partners, offering invaluable support to navigate the challenges and transformations inherent in the dynamic food service sector.

With 145 years of expertise in Foodservice, Barilla for Professionals assumes the role of your dependable ally, delivering consistent and high-quality pasta, condiments and bakery, allowing you to offer the best experience to your customers. Our aim transcends mere supplier status; we aspire to be recognized as seasoned and reliable collaborators, capable of exceeding expectations.

Guided by a steadfast vision, we endeavor to mold the future of the food service industry, advocating for the essence of genuine Italian gastronomy. Rooted in this vision, our mission is clear: to ignite inspiration and enable food professionals worldwide to delight their guests with contemporary, nourishing, and sustainable Italian cuisine.

Barilla for Professionals epitomizes excellence, empowering culinary professionals to elevate their craft and redefine culinary experiences globally. Join us on this journey as we shape the future together.


Barilla for Professionals

Nicola Filippi
Global key account senior manager food service