Joaquín Capel Alcaraz

Grupo Con Fuego

Joaquín Capel Alcaraz is Founding Partner and CEO of Grupo Con Fuego, one of the leading multi-brand casual dining restaurant groups based mainly in Madrid and owner of the following brands, SteakBurger, Oven Mozzarella, Superchulo, Santita and Pizzart. These companies are characterized for being pioneers and being among the leaders in each of their categories. Currently in full expansion, maintaining the same business model that has been the key to its success: premium locations, maximum product quality, client personalized attention, decoration carried out by the best interior design studios and adequate and honest pricing. In short, a group with a lot of soul and personality. Previously, Joaquín worked during seven years at Telepizza, starting in the investment department, later developing strategy and international corporate development functions to end up as director of the new business department. Subsequently, he began his career as an entrepreneur, becoming a franchisee of the Pans and Company brand, eventually having up to eight stores, most of them in Madrid, before developing another brand that was quite successful in the world of gourmet hamburgers. Joaquin has a degree in Business Economics from the University of San Diego, and an MBA from IE in Madrid.