EFSS 2024 kick-off: Advisory Board meets in London

With the convening of the EFSS Advisory Board in London, we recently initiated the groundwork for the next edition of the European Foodservice Summit.

Over two days in early January 2024, intensive discussions unfolded in the meeting rooms of London’s One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel and at the Head Office of Sticks ‘n’ Sushi.

What topics are currently occupying the restaurant sector? What are the most pressing questions? Who might deliver answers? Who are the most prominent figures and companies in foodsevice in Europe and beyond? And who could seamlessly integrate professional expertise, entrepreneurial insights, and strong stage presence?

Discussing relevant topics

In the quest for answers, minds were engaged in vivid discussion, generating numerous ideas. Conversations delved into the relevance of topics such as robotics, restaurant tech, AI, share of stomach, financial health, real estate development, data science, investment and growth strategies, crisis leadership, sustainability, talent retention, emerging markets, and many others. Based on the outcome of these conversations, this year’s Summit programme will now take shape.

The EFSS organizers and Advisory Board were unanimous on one point:

The inaugural European Foodservice Summit in Amsterdam in September should be a resounding success – with a premier location, an international audience, and outstanding content on stage.

To achieve this, Board Members dedicate not only their time but also leverage their personal networks to secure high-caliber speakers and industry leaders from gastronomy and related sectors. The exceptional composition of the Board reflects the commitment to this goal, featuring notable figures such as:


EFSS Advisory Board

  • Mert Askin (President F&B, Azadea Group)
  • Mario C. Bauer (Entrepreneur, Aperitivo Int.)
  • Patricia Fernández (Director, Barcelona Culinary Hub)
  • Andreas Karlsson (CEO, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi)
  • Victor Lugger (Co-founder/CEO, Big Mamma/Sunday)
  • Marta Pogroszewska (Managing Director, Gail’s)
  • Walter Seib (CEO, HMS Host)
  • Oksana Staniszewska (Chief People Officer, McWin Capital Partners)
  • Kevin Todd (Executive Chairman, Upham Inns)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional commitment of each individual in this group!

EFSS Executive Exchange – London Edition

Prior to the Board Meetings, the Summit organizers hosted the inaugural EFSS Executive Exchange in London, inviting top gastronomes and managers. This spin-off event aimed to broaden the Summit’s reach, drawing an even more international audience. Held at Jamie Oliver Catherine St., the event featured 20 guests, the Advisory Board, and the dfv media group team. Vincent Mourre of WhiteSpace & Partners and Mert Askin delivered brief keynotes alongside a short presentation about the Summit.

Goodbye Zürich, hello Amsterdam!

In 2024, the European Foodservice Summit makes its debut in Amsterdam. The decision to choose this vibrant, gastronomically innovative, and attractive city followed the GDI’s strategic shift towards focusing on Retail in its events. We express our sincere gratitude for many years of excellent collaboration with the GDI and maintain a friendly connection with its team. The administrative responsibilities for the Summit will now be handled by the dfv Conference Group.