Amsterdam: Discover our new Summit venue

Farewell Zurich, here we come, Amsterdam! For the first time in its 25-year history, the European Foodservice Summit will journey beyond its Swiss roots and explore new territory. Here’s a sneak peak into our new haven:

A house of our own!

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam along Keizersgracht, Felix Meritis is a neoclassical edifice with a rich history. Originating in the late 18th century, the building was conceived as a hub for culture and science by a society of intellectuals. Once the home of Amsterdam’s premier concert hall, where the likes of Schumann and Brahms graced the stage, the Concert Hall is set to host the main stage of the European Foodservice Summit in 2024. Here, our speakers will commandeer the spotlight, addressing the most pivotal issues in the restaurant industry.

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Immersive sessions & culinary exploration

While the Concert Hall takes center stage, Felix Meritis boasts six additional – equally unique – halls of varying sizes, creating an ideal setting for Deep Dive sessions, which will allow for presentations and exchanges in smaller groups focused on select industry topics.


Some of the historical rooms will also serve as the backdrop to lunch and refreshments during breaks, ensuring participants are well-fueled for engaging discussions on and off-stage. As the day transitions into evening, the European Foodservice Summit will venture beyond the conference venue to explore culinary hot spots in Amsterdam.

Check out the Felix Meritis website for more information.

Why Amsterdam?

  • Culinary diversity & innovative concepts: Boasting a rich and diverse culinary scene, Amsterdam has also gained recognition for its innovative and trendsetting restaurant concepts, thus providing Summit participants opportunities to explore the culinary landscape, latest industry innovations and emerging trends.
  • Accessibility: Amsterdam’s excellent transportation infrastructure make it easily accessible for participants from across Europe. The well-connected airport and efficient public transportation system simplify travel logistics, ensuring a smooth experience for attendees and facilitating a diverse and international audience.
  • Historical and cultural backdrop: The city’s historical and cultural ambiance adds a unique dimension to the congress experience. With venues such as Felix Meritis, a neoclassical building with a rich history, participants can engage in discussions amidst a backdrop that reflects Amsterdam’s cultural heritage, providing an inspiring setting for industry dialogue.
  • Networking Opportunities: Amsterdam’s vibrant atmosphere, combined with its reputation as a global business hub, creates an ideal environment for networking. The European Foodservice Summit in Amsterdam provides ample opportunities for professionals to connect, collaborate, and establish valuable partnerships within the dynamic European restaurant industry.