EFSS Executive Exchange – Paris Edition

Networking at its finest: The European Foodservice Summit has once again united the top leaders of European gastronomy, this time in the vibrant city of Paris. 

Seasoned professionals and successful newcomers of the French culinary scene recently gathered  for the EFSS Executive Exchange in Paris. The high-level networking event was hosted by the dfv Media Group in collaboration with co-organizer White Space Partners. Katrin Wissmann, the program coordinator for the European Foodservice Summit, extended a warm welcome to the esteemed attendees.


Katrin Wissmann, Executive Editor, european foodservice media, welcomed the guests on behalf of the European Foodservice Summit.

Among the approximately 30 participants were the crème de la crème of French gastronomy businesses, including Thierry Costes (CEO of Beaumarly), Frédéric Levacher (CEO of Quick), Christopher Jones (CEO of La Brioche Dorée), Stéphane Chérel (CEO of O’Tacos), and Valérie Kuntzmann (CEO of Le Paradis du Fruit).


The conversations that ensued were lively and covered a plethora of industry-relevant topics, including gastronomy during the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, international expansion, and the potential and standards of cross-border brand conventions. The debate also heated up over the pros and cons of the “non-homemade” label, which is currently poised to make its mark on French gastronomy.

Michelin-starred chef and culinary host Thierry Marx was delighted with his distinguished guests.


A staunch advocate of this label, Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx – the culinary host for the evening at his restaurant ONOR – welcomed the EFSS Executive Exchange. The restaurant, known for its avant-garde cuisine and recently awarded a golden palm by the Leaders Club France, is a beacon of culinary excellence.


“I love the European Foodservice family!” underlined Marta Pogroszewska, an EFSS Advisory Board Member and CEO of Gail’s Bakery, echoing the sentiments of many.

“What a fantastic evening,” commented Andreas Karlsson (CEO of Sticks’n’Sushi), who, along with Marta Pogroszewska (CEO of Gail’s Bakery) and Victor Lugger (CEO of Big Mamma Group), represented the Advisory Board of the European Foodservice Summit at the Paris event.


The opportunity for international networking will continue in September: the European Foodservice Summit will be held for the first time in Amsterdam on the 17th (Pre-Conference-Day), 18th, and 19th of September. Tickets are available in the ticket shop.